Zmoda ensemble | Cardigan: How to wear it and with what to combine?
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Cardigan: How to wear it and with what to combine?

Cardigan: How to wear it and with what to combine?

Cardigans or other sweatshirts are a piece of clothing that nearly every woman has in her closet …

They exist in different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns, for everyone’s taste for some. However, it does not stand every shape all the same. Some people are better off with a type of material, while some others do not. It is also very important and they are worn with different clothing combinations because instead of super-modern details it can be the opposite.

It is therefore important that you get to know which combination it is best to fit into this piece without the complete failure. How will the cardinals this fall be a complete hit, we present to you his four types and combinations that best go …

1. Cardigan length to waist

The classic cardigan, which is the most commonly purchased;

Do not worry about wearing it with a longer upper part of the garment because it does not stand well and spoils the proportion of the body.

That’s why there are dresses and skirts of a deep waist because they are perfectly compatible with them. Note that the cardiac edge should be a few inches longer than the waistline of the dress or skirt.

2. “Boyfriend”, a long cardigan

In addition to classic, short cardigans, a longer “boyfriend” is also popular. He does not agree with the fuller skirts or dresses of A dress because, as it falls, it exactly “cuts” the part where the dress should spread, so your figure will not look nice and feminine.

What needs and can be worn by jeans, shorts or pencil skirt – tail lengths for the perfect combination, but can generally be worn with everything that is tight and which follows the figure.

3. Cardigan on the switch

Cardiac transplants have the same shape as the large xl cardigans – longer transpose part, but they are only smaller and go along with the body. Do not wear it with short skirts, for although it’s not as big as a big cardigan, it just does not go along with them, and the proportions of the body with this combination look strange. Even the skirt length up to the knee is too short for this type of cardigans.

It can be combined with jeans or pants of dark colors, and this combination will show you the figure. The longer front parts will go down nicely with your body.

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