Zmoda ensemble | How to keep a woolen wardrobe
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How to keep a woolen wardrobe

How to keep a woolen wardrobe

Now that the cold winter days have greatly extinguished the warmer ones and occupy the entire stage, together with them on the stage, all those warm clothes of the dressing room, patiently waiting to get them out of the closet, enter. Of course, among them are all hot-clad woolen sweaters, scarves, and sweater dresses, which this season will be our best allies. Of course, in order for all these woolen things to gleam in full glory, it is important that we take full care of them, because the wool is considered to be more sensitive materials when the fabric is in question. In translation, it means a special treatment for washing, drying, ironing and storing.

If there is no indication in your woolen piece of clothing or on the label that only dry wash is allowed, which means that you should wear it in a dry cleaner, then it is best to wash it on your hands.

Pay attention to the choice of detergent – always choose a liquid that is especially designed for woven fabrics, so that you do not damage them and change the color of your jumper or other woolen garment.

Put a small amount of detergent into lukewarm water, soak, wardrobe, let it stand for 5 minutes, gently rub it, then rinse in purely cold water. Sprinkle excess water gently and then woolen the waist in the towel and wait for the remaining humidity to absorb.

The first and basic rule when drying a woolen dressing room is that you should not sneak it at any time by using clips, or hangers. The wool absorbs water and becomes heavy, so this kind of drying would certainly deform the garment.

It would be best to dry the wool sweater or some other garment from the wool on a flat surface to avoid the situations just mentioned.

When ironing, it is important to take care of a few steps – always adjust the iron to the temperature that is provided for woolen and other knitted fabrics, never iron the face, but the back, and finally – do not iron the woolen clothes on dry, but at each push the pair out.

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