Zmoda ensemble | Make a cardigan vest in 1 minute
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Make a cardigan vest in 1 minute

Make a cardigan vest in 1 minute

Cardigans are always a great fashion detail that gives your appearance a relaxed chic note.

They are best suited with narrow jeans or helanets, and are suitable for all seasons.

Today we show you how to make a cardigan card for literally 1 minute!

Required material:

– A piece of viscose fabric measuring 3×1.5m,
– Metar,
– Tailoring,
– Scissors.


Fold the material in width exactly in half. Using the lens edge from the edges where the material is folded, measure the width of the shoulder and find the intersection point.

Use a round object (bracelet, glass …) and use a tailor chalk to draw a circle at the crossing point.

Cut the circle and the cardigan is over!

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