Zmoda ensemble | These sweaters are a new autumn trend, and here’s how to carry them
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These sweaters are a new autumn trend, and here’s how to carry them

These sweaters are a new autumn trend, and here’s how to carry them

The autumn has arrived and brought new trends in dressing, but what has left us in amanet since year is boho style!

Yes, yes, boho fashion is not reserved only for the summer, the sea, the sun. If you are a fan of this fashion style then you will surely delight the news that it is a new trend when it comes to sweaters on the scene and that it is completely subordinate to boho dressing!

These are tribal cardigan sweaters!

You must have noticed that these models completely flooded the boutiques and that there is no brand that does not offer their variants. They are characterized by a jackal, puffy look, no clasp, often as a detail next to the tribal print, they have very popular jars, and the styles vary from those that have a vest of variant, over 3/4 sleeves to long. Sleeves can be narrow or wide. The most common combination of colors is black and white, but you can find many other variants.

A combination with which you can not make a mistake is one that implies a normal shirt and jeans. Tribal cardigan will make everything more interesting and give a chic note to the whole look!

Details like long tribal necklaces, deep boots and big bags will complement the style.

In addition to a variant with a black and white cardigan, you can make those with color cards. Make sure that the jeans and the shirt are in the base colors, while other details like jewelry and ears can fit the cardigan.

The recipe is therefore simple – fit the base pieces with colors with a cardigan and do not make a mistake. And this autumn, in the mode are earthy shades, but also blue, dark, ocher, green, but also unmistakable black.

In addition to the variant with jeans, which we believe is the most demanding for you, the tribal cardigans go well with the shorts! Fat socks, shorts, blouses and cardigan are all you need for a chic look!

Details like a long necklace, hat, bracelet and a purse will additionally complete and give him a personal seal.

They are also suitable for evening out, so it will be fantastic to complete a short overalls, making the look less vulgar and more sexy!

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