Zmoda ensemble | Turn an ordinary sweater into a modern cardigan
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Turn an ordinary sweater into a modern cardigan

Turn an ordinary sweater into a modern cardigan

There was a cooler time, and we all started pulling out a warm wardrobe from the closet.

If you have too many classic sweaters, and you are a bigger cardiac fan, then this is the right text for you!

Take the scissors in your hand and throw yourself into a simple ‘do it yourself’ project that will turn your sweater into a cardigan in less than half an hour!

See the manual and find out how!

Required material:

– Sweater,
– Chalk for drawing of cuts,
– Self-adhesive sewing tape,
– Iron,
– Sewing machine or needle and thread.


Step 1: Fold the sweater right in the middle. Make sure that the collar and sleeves lie exactly on top of each other, that the place where you folded it is exactly in the middle of the chest. Draw a line using a chalk, so cut the sharp scissors off.

Step 2: Cut the self-adhesive sewing strap to the required length, place it carefully with the cut edges and move the iron to melter and then loosen the upper protective tape.

If you can not find a self-adhesive tape, buy a textile adhesive.

Step 3: Fold the edge inside so that the sticky side faces the back. Press to seal, so secure yourself with a sewing machine or with a needle and end.

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